Garbage Can Hauling Hook

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Receiver Base Mounted Garbage Hooks



Ball Base Mounted Garbage Hooks





Combo Hitch

Miscellaneous Garbage Hooks

Bumper Hook

Can Coupler


Extenders for 2" Receiver

8" Extender, 2" Rise

8" Extender, 4" Rise

Extenders for 1 1/4" Receiver

8" Extender, 2" Rise

8" Extender, 4" Rise

Trash Hauling Device


Specifications for our hooks are on the right, you can click on the below picture to stop the slideshow and view a larger picture for the different hook placements.

Hooks are 1-1/8" inch wide.  Our double can carrier arms adjust to either 36" or 40" wide. You have the ability to set the spacing for either. Note the 40" setting can have our hooks at two different mountings 11", 14" and 11" - or - 13", 10" 13" spacing.

SB-MT specs
Bumper Hook specs
UBL-BA specs
DB-MT specs
SR-MT specs
Extension 4" rise
DR-MT specs
Combo Hitch specs
UBL-MT specs
trash hauling hitch
ATV garbage hauling hitch
Can Coupler Specs

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