The solution to the long or steep driveway

Garbage Can Hauling Hitches

Quality Features for garbage hooks:

  • Works on multiple terrain

  • Affordable and a true time saver

  • Makes the unpleasant task safer and easier

  • 99% Recyclable: from product to packaging 


Neither snow, ice, rain, sleet nor summer’s heat, stops Garbage Hooks from the swift completion of their appointed trip to the street.

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Garbage Can Hauling Devices

Trash Can hauling devices that works with ATVs, UTVs, Golf Carts, Lawnmowers or anything with a receiver hitch

Endless Possiblities

Four Different Garbage Hook Mounting Styles

to accommodate most vehicles


One Great Retainer Hook

for even the steepest driveways

Mountain Hooks are designed for the steepest driveways. The can's handle is cradled around our U-channel and secured in place using a PTO pin. This makes it impossible for the can's handle to detach during transportation. They are also great for when installation heights that are more than 20" tall or when using our Can Couples for hauling multiple cans at one time.

Hooks are specially designed and act as a retaining device that holds the handle in place during transportation. The Hook and swiveling top rail are key in making a smooth trouble-free way to get trash down a winding driveway. The design has two patents and one design patent. It comes in four different mounting methods, a receiver-style, ball mounted, bolt mounted and bumper mounted.

Normal suggested range of 14” to a max of 24” in total height off the ground. With a 96 gallon tote, the cans should be tilted at a 30-degree angle to allow enough of the weight to be distributed to the handle. We base this off a 96 gal tote that is approx. 42” from the ground to the handle. If the angle is too tall the can will want to tilt upright again when towing. 

How does it all work?

See how easy it is to install and use our dual can garbage hauling hitch

Attach bins,


Drive away!


Attach hitch,


Attach hook,

Do even more with the

Combo Hitch

Combo Hitch is a Ball conversion tool that allows you to haul both Pin-hitched or handled lawn and garden equipment without having to remove the ball hitch!

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Combo Hitch.jpg
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SUV 4 CANS.jpg

Note: When using Can Couplers with our standard trash can puller on steep driveways it might be necessary to use our hold down straps or PTO pins. Note we include one PTO clip, per can, with your order.

Who is Garbage Commander?

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