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Hooks are specially designed and act as a retaining device that holds the handle in place during transportation. The hook and swiveling top rail are key in making a smooth trouble-free way to get trash down a winding driveway. The design is patented and comes in four different mounting methods; receiver mounted, ball mounted, bolt mounted and bumper mounted.

Ideal operating height is 14"-21" 

RECEIVER MOUNTEDAttach the Garbage Hook to any 2" or 1-1/4" receiver hitch, then simply tilt trash bins over our specially designed retainer hooks and drive the trash to the road.  The cans remain on the hooks and work over gravel, grass, or hard surfaces. Garbage Hook's will make getting your trash in bad weather safer and easier.  Our swiveling bracket allows cans to trail evenly and smoothly down your driveway like a trailer.  The upright has a 6" adjustable riser to set the operating level to the ideal working height. Leave your Garbage Hook on, so it is ready to haul the cans back to your storage spot after your trash is empty.  To make attaching the receiver models even easier, add the quick pivot locking hitch pin.      

BALL MOUNTEDGarbage Hooks allow you to keep your existing  1-7/8" or 2" trailer hitch in place, then simply pin it to the underside of the ball, and tilt the garbage cans over the specially designed retainer hooks. Ball mounted Garbage Hooks are available in either a double can or single can model. Operating height will be determined by your trailer hitch distance off the ground. 


Pay for Product, NOT Packaging! - We don't spend thousands on fancy packaging that just ends up in the landfill. All our packaging and products are 99% recyclable! We do this for two reasons; environmental responsibility and to keep cost as low as we can.



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Specifications for our hooks are on the right, you can click on the below picture to stop the slideshow and view a larger picture for the different hook placements.
Hooks are 1-1/8" inch wide.  Our double can carrier arms adjust to either 36" or 40" wide. You have the ability to set the spacing for either. Note the 40" setting can have our hooks at two different mountings 11", 14" and 11" - or - 13", 10" 13" spacing.
SB-MT specs
Bumper Hook specs
UBL-BA specs
DB-MT specs
SR-MT specs
Extension 4" rise
DR-MT specs
Combo Hitch specs
UBL-MT specs
trash hauling hitch
ATV garbage hauling hitch
Can Coupler Specs

Additional installation pictures

Weight Capacity


We have determined that by “handle weight” 


That is the total amount of weight resting on the hook itself. 


We loaded a trash can with 150 lbs and tested it at 3 different points. 

14”, 18” and 21” which is the recommended height range for all our products. 


  • For our UBL units the handle weight would be 40 lbs

  • For our Receiver Mounted the handle weight would be 50 lbs

  • For our Ball Mounted the handle weight would be 75 lbs. 


If you have any other questions regarding handle weight please reach out to us. We are here to help.



43 lbs - 53lbs



48 lbs - 57 lbs



54 lbs - 62 lbs

Can Coupler

Hook the Can Coupler to the main can's lower lift bar. In most cases the Can Coupler can remain in place on either the lift bar or the second cans handle. Use one PTO to secure cans lift bar to the Can Coupler

Main Can 
Lower Lift Bar

The handle of the second can being towed:

Use one PTO clip to secure the handle to the Can Coupler.

Note: If possible the heavier can should be the main can, and the lighter one, the two can

For secure towing please be secure the handle of the main can by using our Hold Down straps or PTO clips  

Can Coupler


Hold Down Strap

6" stretching ball bungee is a quick mounting retainer strap - use one per can.  It installs in seconds and can stay on the tow unit if not needed.

PTO Handle Retainer Clip

*Used with really steep driveways, if the garbage container handle wants to lift off the retainer hooks or when using our Can Coupler and weight of the second can is pushing down on the main towed container causing it to lift off the retainer hook. 

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