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Become a Dealer

Become a dealer of the worlds best trash hauling device!

 Dealer Options

  • Affiliate Program - Each is unique to each customer. Ask for more details

  • Drop Ship - Order one at a time and we ship right to you or the customer

  • Broken & Full Carton Quantities

​    *  Special Display Discounts

Garbage Commander is a division of LaMalco.


Affiliate Program

Up to 20% commission

Great for waste management companies 

Partner up with us and start helping your customers now

The best and easiest way to make money and the best part is ANYONE can do it!

Your customer orders, we ship, you make easy money

In this program, there is no stocking or spending any money. Just sit back and make money. 


We will provide you with a promo code for your customers to use. You get to choose the discount/commission you want to offer; in return, you could make money on every order.

Here are some of the things you can do

  • Have a Table Top display

  • Add us to a newsletter

  • Add our link to your website 

  • Make coupons (some are provided)

  • Promote on Social Media

  • Endless possibilities!

We are here to work with you as well for different ideas. 

Another way to make easy money!

You order online, we ship, you make money

In this program, no need to put money into inventory. Samples may be needed.

We will provide you access to the dropship page. You make good money for doing very little. 

Here are some of the things you can do

  • Have a Table Top display or Literature

  • Add us to a newsletter

  • add our link to your website

  • Share our link social Media

  • Displays

.6 multiplier

Mover Packing

Drop Ship Program

Up to 40% GP

Packages on Shelves

Stocking Programs

Up to 55% GP

Make the most money

In this program, there are two options.


 1. Full carton quantities and make the biggest margins - .45 multiplier

 2. Broken carton quantities. You can mix and match to get a good idea of what you would like to stock the most of. - .55 multiplier  

You order via email, we'll send you a  confirmation along with the shipping cost, once we hear back from you we will ship. 

See Price sheet for quantity details

Sample discount: .4 +Shipping

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