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Vehicle Help

Suggested garbage hooks by vehicle type

Vehicle Types

For any of our garbage hooks

  • All vehicles are different. We can't guarantee that our hooks will work for everything out there. 

  • Two wide garbage hooks for meant for an even number of cans, not odd like 3

  • Singe wide garbage hooks are the best if you have an odd number of cans like 3. 

  • Do not back up while cans are attached. 

  • Not for public road use

Golf Cars

For golf cars, the best way to do it is with a receiver hitch. You can use the UBL hooks and bolt them onto the step board. 

We have seen a few where they were able to use the BRH system to use a receiver mounted hook as well. 




There are a few different ways you can attach a garbage hook to a lawnmower. 

Most lawnmowers out there will have a hitch flange at the back and bottom of the mower. An example is shown on the right. 

We will always recommend a single can unit with Can Couplers for lawnmowers. 

You can use one of our UBL units and blot in on or purchase a ball to fasten it on there and use the UBL as a ball mounted unit