Features and Benefits 

Time & 


  • Easy On, Easy off

  • No lifting, simply tilt with minimal efforts

  • Swiveling top rail allows trash can to trail around curves

  • What took 30 min., now takes less than 10 min.

  • Patented quick mounting design allows for minimal lifting

  • No more walking the cans down, taking multiple trips or trying to tie your cans to your vehicle

  • Works on all surfaces

  • Works on most vehicles including ATV, UTV's, lawnmowers and golf cars

  • Most Flexible, over six styles to fit most vehicles 

  • Adjustable to accommodate most trash cans

  • Take multiple cans with our Can Coupler

  • Choice - You choose when you want to use it or take advantage of a nice day


Neither snow, ice, rain, sleet nor

summer’s heat,

stops Garbage Hooks from

the swift completion

of their appointed trip to the street.

  • Stay dry 

  • Stay clean

  • No more dealing with weather on trash day

  • Choice - You choose when you want to use it or take advantage of a nice day


Do things Safer, Easier and Smarter

  • Light Weight - 5 to 10 lbs.

  • No Lifting - Simply tilt your cans

  • Reduce the risk of injury, no more trying to hang on to the can while driving

  • Everyone stays in side of vehicle


Most cost effective hook on the market

                                        1M               6M             1Y

DR-MT:       $98.00        $22.63        $3.77       $1.88     

DB-MT:       $84.00        $19.40        $3.23        $1.62     

SR-MT:        $70.00       $16.17        $2.70        $1.35    

SB-MT:        $52.00       $12.00        $2.00        $1.00    

UBL-MT:     $58.00       $13.40        $2.23        $1.12  


Based off 52 weeks 

Made in America


  • 3 Patented Designs

  • Powder Coated Finish

  • Heavy, 11 Gauge Steel

  • Laser cut formed

  • Proven since 2015

  • All packaging is 99% recyclable 

  • You pay for product, not packaging

Order today, and start making trash day easier!