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remove trash-garbage-odors with Odor Commander

Odor Commander™

All Natural, Fast Acting, Powerful Odor Control Spray 22oz 

In a Lemongrass Scent

  • SAFE: No toxins, no masking, no perfumes, just naturally powerful

  • TRUSTED: Garbage Commander's Odor Commander formula is a powerful odor eliminator that has been trusted by industry professionals for years, and is now available for home use. Get the odor out at the source!

  • STOPS ODORS: Odor Commander stops odors, making composting and garbage much easier to manage. Odor Commander will remove unpleasant odors from trash bins, compost, garbage cans, and much more

  • ELIMINATES ODORS: Eliminates household odors

  • ECOLOGO/UL: Certified: Certified with the EcoLogo UL program, one of North America's environmental Standard and certification marks

  • HELP STOP ODORS: Unlike perfumes that simply mask odors, Odor Commander stops odors at the source, making composting and garbage much easier to manage


Technology provided by Sci Corp.

Odor Commander

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