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The birth of the garbage hook

In 2014, after retiring from the family company, Kurt set out to rediscover himself. 

Kurt has a long, steep driveway. Getting the larger trash bins to the road was very time consuming, physical, and dangerous, especially in bad weather. He would have to either lift the cans onto a trailer or try to bungee the handle around the ball of my receiver hitch to get them out.  After spilling garbage and a couple of falls getting the trash out for pickup, he started to think of an easier way to get the job done. 


I would find him tinkering around with his little trash hauling project, and I would quietly chuckle to myself.  After a couple of prototypes, he decided he was going to patent his invention.   


He first worked on a low profile, towable wagon that worked great, but he still had to fasten the cans to make sure they didn’t tip off.  After several prototypes, he started working on an extended hook that would act as a retainer holding the handle in place during transportation.  The hook and swiveling top rail is key to making a smooth, trouble-free way to get trash down a winding, steep driveway. The final design is patented and comes in two different mounting methods: a receiver-style and ball-mounted model.  The receiver-style simply installs into a standard 2” receiver hitch. If you have a 1-1/4” hitch, we offer a reducer to convert from the standard 2” to 1-1/4” receivers.  The ball mounted style is great for anyone who already has a ball hitch or wants to leave their trailer hitch in place. The unit slips under a standard 1-7/8” or 2” ball hitch and is pinned in place still allowing the cans to pivot around turns during transportation.

Smiling, I just shook my head and walked away. I should have known better than to doubt him.  Here we are a years later, and his tinkering has turned into a growing business. The demand for a small garbage hauling device has truly surprised me. Even my son was questioning how successful this endeavor could really be. All I can say is that I guess the sky is the limit! For all he has accomplished and taught me, I am so proud of my father.


This is our business, our family.

David Marling

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