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Garbage can hauling device

The dual can receiver mount garbage hook from Garbage Commander is for those big jobs. Have more than one can a week? This might be your answer! Say goodbye to crappy weather!

Hook 2, 4, 6 cans on and go!




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quintan barnes
Apr 30

Wow, what a brilliant innovation! As someone who's always struggled with the hassle of garbage can hauling, I can't believe I stumbled upon this gem of a solution. This device seems like a game-changer, saving time and effort in managing waste disposal. And if you're in Arizona like me, I highly recommend checking out for all your vehicle needs. Their wide selection and excellent service make them a top choice for anyone in the market for a new ride or looking to bid on salvage vehicles.


harrison barnes
Mar 01, 2023

I must recommend your company to haul junk cars also so that with garbage hauling you can haul metal scrap also.

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