Bumper mounted wheeled trash / recycle can hauling hitch. No hitch needed uses vehicles rear latch for mounting.


No Hitch needed, works by hooking the carrier to the center latch on most cars and SUV’s. light weight and is easy to install & remove in seconds.

Single-Can Garbage Hauling Hitch, cans cannot come loose. Garbage Hooks are the perfect solution for getting wheeled constrainers out when you have a long / steep driveway, or challenging terrain.


Hooks extend 5" beyond the bumper and swivel allowing cans to go around curves without binding.


Three layers of foam padding protect cars bumper, side pads extend 29" to keep cans handle from hitting the bumper.


Heavy 11-ga steel construction, laser-cut formed for consistent quality then powder- coated in a matte black finish for durability. 


Note: Center knuckle on trash lid must be smaller then 2 1/2" 


No Hitch? No problem- Trash day just got easier and safer, drive your wheeled trash bins to the road using your vehicle, even if it doesn’t have a hitch. Bumper Hooks fasten using your vehicles rear hatch/trunk lid latch, they are lightweight, easy to install and remove. The Long/steep driveway solution for getting the trash out. Now haul wheeled trash bins without the need to install a hitch! In seconds you are ready to haul your cans out and back again. Make a onetime strap adjustment to center the hook to fit your bumper, then simply open your rear hatch or trunk lid and clip it to the lids latch. Next, simply tilt the handle of the wheeled trash / recycle can into the specially designed hook and secure with a removable pin, you are now ready to drive away. The 1” center pad along with the additional 1/2" foam pad that is 29” long will protect the bumper when going around curves. Our support bracket swivels, allowing the can to trail behind the tow vehicle like a trailer without binding. Hooks are designed to keep the handle of the trash bins in place and cannot come loose. Works great on multiple surfaces like grass, gravel or uneven pavement. Use our Can Couplers to haul multiple cans on the same trip. Easy to use and compact. Weighs only 5 lbs. 1/8” metal components that are laser cut and powder coated for years of use. Hook bracket extends 5” away from the bumper and pivots allowing cans to trail around curves without binding. •29” long, ½” thick protective pad protects the bumper •Adjustable to fit most cars or SUV’s Cans cannot come lose Great Product when you don’t have a hitch

Bumper Hook

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  • Easy to install and use.  No hitch is required!  Product is adjustable to fit the tow vehicle.  Hooks unto the trunk lids latch, and hangs over the bumper and is ready to haul wheeled garbage bins to the road for pickup.

    has a 28" wide pad to protect vehicles bumper when towing around curves.  Top hook bracket swivels allowing trash can to trail smoothly around turns like a trailer does.


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